Sunday, April 24, 2011

After the Fire

Anyone remember this flash-in-the-pan single from Roger Daltrey's 1985 solo album Under A Raging Moon? This might be the most clichéd video ever filmed. At the same time, the heavy-handed refrain is choking me up. The heart grows older, but never ever learns.

What if it's true?

Artist: Roger Daltry (written by Pete Townhsend)
Year: 1985
Rating: Cold

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Wow! Haven't thought about this song in decades. And had no idea it was Jefferson Starship. I was thinking maybe Seals and Crofts...? Nevertheless, I'm so glad the '70s are lodged in my brain to the extent they are. It's a miracle, baby.

Artist: Jefferson Starship
Year: 1975
Rating: Warm

Sunday, April 10, 2011


How many of you out there have ever come across this amazingly insidious little tune? I always thought it was a pure product of the early '80s; I had no idea it was a composition originally written on a Moog, going back to 1969! I came across the above version (the one in my head currently) when my friend Ramee introduced it, along with an infectiously awesome line dance, to our group at Jewish summer camp, probably in about 1982.

Here's the original by Gershon Kingsley:

Learn loads more about the song at the site dedicated to all things "Popcorn," Popcorn-Song.Com. Unfortunately, I can't find any info online about the choreography of the dance we learned in the '80s.

Artist (in my head): Hot Butter
Artist (original): Gershon Kingsley
Year: 1969, 1972
Rating: Luke Hot