Sunday, November 8, 2009

Help with Edits!

Hey, all you Songs in My Head junkies! Since the nature of posting other people's music online can be rather dodgy, I'm finding that videos I post from YouTube and other sources are often subject to getting yanked by the major labels, leaving big ugly video-voids in my posts.

Be a dear - if you see something like this in a blog entry, please alert me so I can search for a replacement video to complement the post. Unfortunately, this usually means resorting to a live version where I want the studio recording, or a home-made vid when I wanted the genuine article, but beggars can certainly not be choosers.

Since I'm amassing hundreds of entries already, it's hard for me to scope the whole contents of the blog on a regular basis in order to catch these things. If you happen to come across a page that needs a new video, please leave a comment here or email me at soozzip at gmail dot com. Be sure to mention the name of the song and the artist.

Thanks a bunch! Hope to keep you reading, singing, and fist-pumping along!



  1. As you requested...

    From your entry 11/4/09, the Glory of Love video is no longer available. I do love me some Peter Cetera.


  2. Thanks, Toad! I'll get on it. Now I'm curious how you happened upon that particular entry...