Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Billy Boy

I haven't been focused on the song blog in quite some time, but this tune arrived so out of the blue, I had to post it. I'm sure I haven't heard any version of it in more than 30 years. The internets date its origins in the 18th Century, but it looks like the most popular versions weren't published in England til about WWI era and not in the States til 1930.

Thanks to YouTube user LDsongscreen for posting this sweet rendition of the song.

Artist: Unknown
Year: c. 1790s; 1910s; 1930s
Rating: Warm


  1. I think I remember my great grandmother (I was lucky to have known her, she died when I was 20) singing this song while she was cooking. I like your blog- I'm not a spammer, but it's very similar to my blog. Don't neglect your posts, music lovers are reading...

  2. Super sweet memory of your great grandmother, Brady. Thanks for the note. I'll check out your blog, too.