Saturday, February 21, 2009

What it's About

The Songs in My Head started as a note on my Facebook page and begged to be transformed, as Virginia Woolf might have said, had she known about the internets, into a "blog of its own."

The background is that I wake up nearly every day with a song in my head, or if I don't come into waking consciousness with a melody of some sort, a song will invariably form itself by the time I hit the shower, and I'll either sing it or whistle it or just play it in a repeat-loop in my mind for hours after that. On February 9th, 2009, I started keeping a list of these songs in an ongoing FB note, and on February 15th, I figured "why not start a blog?"

So the premise of this blog is deceptively simple: I will create an entry for every song that pops into my head in the early waking hours, try to find a good visual or audio link to the song, and provide a bit of commentary. In order to make this a tenable task for myself, I will have to disclude the many dozens of other songs that float through my head throughout a given day and keep to posting entries about the songs that either I wake up with or come to mind in the first few hours of cognizance each day. As many of you know, songs in one's head can be very welcome companions, and they can also be incredibly annoying. The Songs in My Head will welcome all, from the hippest and most influential to the schmaltziest tunes imaginable. They're all in there somewhere.

Comments, reactions, associated memories, related song knowledge, and really any kind of friendly participation are all strongly encouraged. You don't need a Blogger account to leave a note.

Thanks for reading, and for singing, whistling, and fist-pumping along.


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